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Telehealth software

Telehealth Your Way

Virtual visits are part of the new normal. SR Health offers integrated telehealth and supports third party solutions with ease.

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Give patients the telehealth options they want.

New research suggests 87 percent of patients haven’t visited the doctor due to fear of going in during COVID-19. More than half of all patients expect telemedicine to be part of their healthcare future. Telehealth can address most issues and helps reduce costs. SR Health provides all the tools to support virtual care, including an easy-to-use secure, high-resolution video visit tool.

Telehealth software


Get end-to-end virtual care communications.

Virtual care is so much more than just a telehealth visit. Success with virtual care requires an end-to-end workflow that creates a seamless experience across the entire patient journey. Whether you use SR Health’s telehealth solution or a third-party, we can support the entire visit from reminders and pre-visit instructions to the actual visit to targeted care follow-up messages.

Provide an integrated telehealth option.

Telehealth from SR Health doesn’t require any additional apps or downloads. The system integrates with your patient data and is HIPAA-compliant and secure. The high-definition, secure video solution allows multiple participants (i.e., care partners, translators, etc.). Providers just choose the patient from the virtual waiting room and launch the session. Patients click a link and wait to be admitted. It’s that simple.

integrated telehealth software


telehealth software support


Support communications for third-party telehealth.

Already have a telehealth solution your providers want to use? We get that. So we’ve made it easy to incorporate other telehealth solutions. Our patient messaging can easily support sending reminders for telehealth visits using other solutions that include links and instructions. The goal is seamless virtual care that works for everyone, and we can get you there.

Virtual Care that meets everyone's needs

It's essential to safely deliver care, improve the patient experience, and retain appointment revenue for your organization.

Leading healthcare organizations trust SR Health for all of the essential communications that surround patient visits.

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SR Health is improving patient experience for leading healthcare organizations.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.


Telehealth FAQ

Telehealth is a technology-based communication service offered by healthcare providers through which an appointment between a patient and the provider can be conducted remotely via synchronous video and audio from a smartphone or computer. Telehealth can address many medical issues that a patient would receive care for during an in-office visit.

For starters, telehealth lets a provider conduct a healthcare appointment with a patient remotely when an in-person visit may not be possible or convenient. During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth became a very important alternative service for patients and providers. For patients, it offers the safety of social distancing and not having to go to a medical office where the transmission of the virus among other people may occur. Telehealth made it possible for patients to continue to receive important healthcare during COVID from the safety and convenience of their home or office. For providers, telehealth enabled practices to continue or resume scheduling and seeing patients when patients didn’t feel safe making in-office appointments. Telehealth equips providers with a form of virtual care that allows them to keep the lights on while also continuing to offer a popular post-COVID alternative to in-office appointments. Telehealth has also been shown to reduce providers’ costs. Roughly 65 percent of patients plan to continue using telehealth after the pandemic is over.

Virtual care consists of the myriad ways healthcare providers can remotely interact with patients. Examples of virtual care include telephone check-ins, text check-ins, telephone visits, and asynchronous secure communications through a patient portal, and synchronous video visits, know as telehealth. Additional digital tools can be used to more effectively support virtual care like automated appointment reminders, pre-visit instructions, and real-time, two-way text messaging.

SR Health telehealth offers providers an integrated, high-resolution video visit tool. The easy-to-use solution doesn’t require any additional apps or downloads and it integrates with your patient data. It’s also HIPAA-compliant and secure. SR Health telehealth allows practices to provide accessible virtual care to patients from the safety and comfort of their own home or office and from the convenience of their smartphone or computer. SR Health can also support third-party telehealth solutions with patient messaging. Whatever telehealth solution is used, providers can text patients automated appointment reminders and pre-visit instructions with a link for telehealth visits. SR Health’s solution offers providers and patients an accessible, cost-effective alternative to in-office care.

No, SR Health telehealth texts a link for the virtual visit to the patient and doesn’t require any additional apps or downloads. A patient clicks the link and waits to be admitted to the visit. Providers select the patient from a virtual waiting room and launch the session.

Yes, whether you use SR Health’s telehealth solution or a third-party option, the platform supports the entire virtual care visit workflow from reminders and pre-visit instructions to the actual appointment to targeted care follow-up messages.