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We KNOW We're Reaching Them!

We KNOW We're Reaching Them!

Josh Roy, Director of Operations at Infirmary Health Diagnostic and Medical Clinic, discusses how SR Health has increased their ability to reach their patients.

JOSH ROY: SR Health has truly allowed us to increase our ability to reach our patients, both for their appointment reminders as well as our surveys post-care.

I was really looking for a system that we could utilize the Epic App Orchard integration, and be able to better reach our patients. We're seeing about 14,000 patients a week. 99 percent of our messages are going out via text message. We know we're getting messages out to the patients. We know we're reaching them. 

SR Health has truly allowed us, with their customer service, to be able to attack problems in a more prompt manner. We're seeing a turnaround time on these issues being resolved in three and four hours, which, previous to SR Health, it was taking three and four weeks.

SR Health has also allowed us to address our patients concerns and their happiness with our physicians and our staff members. We have seen an increase from 800 survey results monthly to seeing 6,200 survey results this month. I had a really good example yesterday, where a patient got a text message for her survey. She said, "I don't text, but I wanted to call and tell you how wonderful the doctor I saw was, and how wonderful his staff was."  

To get the people who are excited and happy with their care, that's a morale booster, and that's contagious to the patients. And without SR Health we wouldn't have the ability to do that.